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Our team is composed of an eclectic mix of artists, surfers, skiers, skaters, snowboarders, and hell raisers.

Will Saunders

Will has spent the past four years traveling the globe, capturing some of the most compelling and interesting visual stories around. From the streets of Cuba to the mountains of Oman, all the way to beaches of Alaska. Will’s imagery speaks volumes to who he is as a person and the unique lens in which he views the world through.

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Laird Tuel

Meet Laird Tuel, aka Mr. Steal Your Wave. Laird is a bonafide underground charger that grew up surfing the cold, unforgiving waters of the Pacific Northwest. His knack for big, burly waves has given him the opportunity to compete in his backyard alongside some of the best in the world at the Nelscott Reef Pro. When he’s not surfing XXL waves, you can you find this guy above the lip at your local beach break or posted up at the shawarma truck.

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Joey Carnera

Meet Joey Carnera, the ambassador of stoke. This guy bridges the gap between surf, skate and snow in a way that few others can. His effortless style is a reflection of his easy-going personality and relentless positivity. His energy in and out of the water is contagious, encouraging everyone around him to lead a more fun and playful lifestyle. Don’t believe us? Just visit your local skatepark or beach break and see for yourself.

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Jen Yih

Jen is a writer, surfer, skier, and visual artist. She currently resides along the wave-lashed coastline of Oregon, where she has focused her energies on becoming a nutritional therapist and dedicated surf junkie. In the water, Jen has unprecedented style and grace as she dances across the surface of the ocean. As a hard-charging female, Jen is helping to lead the way for women of all ages to brave the cold waters of the pacific northwest. When she’s not busy surfing or teaching a yoga class, you can find her leading international wellness retreats for likeminded surfers and adventure enthusiasts through the Ninety Collective.

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Mike Borchard

Mike is a seasoned waterman and photographer born and raised along the southern coastline of California. He has a knack for creating imagery that extolls the true feeling of people and places. His deep knowledge of the ocean has allowed him to capture stories and images in way that few others can replicate. As a surfer, free-diver and spear fisherman, his work is closely intertwined with his personal life. In fact, the two often go hand in hand. The rare times when Mike isn’t chasing images and stories with a camera, he’s out living the stories he photographs.

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Giray Dadali

Giray is a hard-charging professional skier based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. His smooth, surfy style and knack for boosty airs has set him apart from many other riders in the Wasatch Range. When he’s not busy making a name for himself in the ski industry, Giray works as a mechanical engineer, focused on building his own ski company (day-maker touring). Unlike many professional athletes, Giray is determined to work a series of odd-jobs in order to maintain his lifestyle as a professional skier. Giray explains. “It’s a struggle, nothing’s easy, I’m still not ‘making it’ or anything. I don’t have much money. I don’t have a car. But... I know my path.”

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